Shine a light on our past....pave the way To A Brighter future
Our story and how we can make change together! 
This event is 100% volenteer and ALL PROCEEDS go directly to impacting people in THIS community 

Impact over Income.

Michelle-Rober is deadicated to impacting our community using the assets we have access to.

We aim to Empower people in our community by providing a platform to get involved in events every month that shine a light on social growth. 

Our fashion brand is built on the premise that we all have a super hero in us. Clark Kent and Superman may be fictional, however the struggle between who we know we are and who we think society wants us to be is real. 

That's why it is our mission to 
Empower people, by first 
Acknowledging, Accepting, and Empowering themselves. 
Atlantic Scholarship Organization

The Atlantic Scholarship Organization was founded to provide opportunities that would empower our youth through education. 

The Program focuses on helping 
Young Leaders become independent, positive contributors in our communities, by breaking the cycle of dependency on the system while strengthening their 
personal initiatives for change.

Our Legacy Foundation Scholarship initiative places the power of accountability in the hands of our young leaders. Each scholarship recipient is accountable for the support they receive during and after their program completion. A key criteria for acceptance into the program is active involvement by our young leaders in community development initiatives.
Our Community 

Nova Scotia , we have come a long way in the past 40 years, yet we still have a long way to go. 

We often place the responsibliity, and even blame, on governing bodies for the things we do not like.  Some even think they can do better. We sometimes forget the power we have to create change. 

If we look around, we have so much opportunity right in front of us. It is so important to understand that if we only judge ourselves against ourselves, we start to create a series of small changes that leave a great impact. 

I am proud to live in 
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Attn: This is your opportunity to Be Part of 
A Change for a brighter future ...

"Finally! How we will draw attention to the issue of slavery in Canada and use the wrongful past as a platform to impact the future, by providing opportunities for black families that were held back by inequalities, injustices, and the enslavement of their ancestors. "

(Without having to go through the stress of tracking down your donation, red tape, or worrying about the charity staff, not the charity, getting the largest cut of your donation )

* we really want to make a difference for people that have suffered from systematic racism

* by providing an opportunity to get an education without the burden of debt

* we also want to show that we recognize a problem that has bled through generations for 400 years

From: Michelle-Rober
RE: Ending Systemic Racism in Our Community
Dear Difference Maker,

If you want to level the playing field of equal opportunity , make a difference that will last a lifetime , or even if you just want to see  your donation go directly to the cause , then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Most charities make a career out of collecting donations and reapplying a large portion back into advertising and events, and very little actually goes to benefitting the cause !
We are hosting this event completely with volunteers and all of the proceeds are going directly to scholarships applied directly to someone's education.
We have worked with ASO on other events and have seen first hand the difference you can make when you support someone directly. This empowers people with a great deal of confidence and pride which creates a ripple effect in the community, success has a great tendency to pay it forward.
Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Robbie McGee, founder of  local fashion company, Michelle-Rober
We have partnered with Atlantic Scholarship Organization for this event, we also have an non-profit organization called Allies 4 Black Lives which is a platform to share experiences of racism and stand for ending racism through positive engagement in our community.

During our research we discovered that Canada had 4200 slaves registered over it's history.
My experiences allow me to understand the complexity at many different levels from government to individual community rooted injustices. I know that we have to do what we can with what we have access to. We cannot sit by and wait for policies to change, these problems will not fix themselves.

Now is the time to use what we have access to, 
we need to continue to raise awareness globally and 
take actionable steps to make a difference 
for individuals in our communities.

Meet Fieny, ASO ambassador, and see why we are inspired! 

"I feel so honoured to be involved in bringing awareness to this amazing organization if anything, having epilepsy has taught me is I am STRONGER than I will ever know. I am so touched to be a brand ambassador for the Atlantic Scholarship Organization Legacy Foundation, and I feel proud to be part of a company that gives back to the community, I know that the scholarships granted will change the lives of someone for the rest of their lives and I feel truly blessed to stand with them"

Every Minute We Wait is Another Minute of Inaction that We Continue to Add to the 400 Years of Injustice.

Black students have a higher dropout rate due to lack of funding and support.

Here's Exactly how your donation will help...

* Your donation will go directly to someone who is in a position of disadvantage and give them an increased opportunity to change their future

* Your money will go directly to the beneficiary cutting out the charity middle man

* The donation is easy with our one step sponsorship form

* You'll know exactly where your donation goes and will be able to tangibly see the results

* When you know we live in a society that needs change, we sometimes feel that we did not directly create this problem that started 400 years ago, however you have the opportunity to make a direct impact on making a change now

CBC News Article:

"A report cited by the board show black students are 
less likely to apply to post-secondary, are expelled three times more 
than other students, drop out at higher rates and 
have trouble affording schooling costs more often." 

* Your donation lets these young students know they have your support 

* Students that have a support system art 10 times more likely to succeed 

* Atlantic Scolarship Organization also provides a network of support throught out a 
students journey, making success more likely 

"If you can help others see growth, you will see growth in yourself as well." 
- Yuri Singh, ASO Ambassador

So Here's The Bottom Line, with "shine a light on our past, and 
pave a way for our future" 
Your donation will draw awareness to Canada's history of slavery, 
at the same time, provide funding for educating those who do not 
have the financial ability. 
Your donation of  $10, $25, or $100 will directly impact someone's 
life and future

Time is of the Essence, School Starts in 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

This is our Guarantee 
We are hosting this event with 100% volunteers and all money raised will go directly to funding someone's education, via a scholarship on behalf of the Atlantic Scholarship Organization. All financial details will be made public and will be 100% transparent.

Here's How To Make A Difference Right Now
Click the DONATE link now and you'll be on your way to impacting someones life forever! Let's get started right away!
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Michelle-Rober A^2 E^2 Podcast 

Michelle-Rober has a mission to make the world a better place, with the understanding that you should only judge yourself against yourself. This podcast is our platform to share stories of that inspire you to Accept, Acknowledge, and Empower yourself in the hope to Empower others.

Michelle-Rober Store 

Impact over Income 
Please check out our online store, we are dedicated to products that have an impact. Every product has a unique story behind it. It is our hope that you find your unique story that empowers you to live your purpose. We are greatful for every purchuse as it helps us to use our voice for making a difference in our community and around the world.

Allies 4 Black Lives 

Racism is a problem that is bigger than one organization, government party, person, or group of people. Allies 4 Black Lives is a non-profit organization focused on sharing stories and experiences from all races and skin color, in hopes we can learn from one another by opening the doors to conversations without judgement. 
We seek to find Unity in Diversity. 

Atlantic Scolarship Organization

The A.S.O mission is to remove some of the financial barriers, and other obstacles most students face coming from low socio-economic backgrounds. The resources we provide are designed to help each student reach their full academic potential through post-secondary opportunities , as well as providing guidance and support to help them develop their initiatives centred on, social, environmental and humanitarian platforms for change.
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